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To upload your own network, choose "Upload..." in the advanced options. Your network must be for one of the GeneMANIA supported organisms and must use one of the supported Gene IDs, including Entrez, Ensembl, UniProt/SwissProt, RefSeq, or gene symbols.

File format: tab delimited text (this is a "Save As" option in Excel). The file should contain either two or three columns and each line corresponds to one interaction. Self-interactions are ignored.

Format of two column file:

Gene ID <tab> Gene ID

Format of three column file:

Gene ID <tab> Gene ID <tab> Score

Scores: A score is a positive number that corresponds to a measure of confidence or strength in the interaction: A higher score means more confidence or strength. A two-column file—a protein-protein interaction network, for example—is equivalent to a three-column file with the score set to 1.0 for each line.

We recommend only including interactions above a threshold to reduce the size of the network, especially for correlation based scores. The help section describes how we assigned interaction scores for the GeneMANIA network.

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